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  • Engineering a Healthier

    The College of Engineering’s reach is truly global. In 2012, Carnegie Mellon University became the first American research institution to offer graduate engineering degree programs in Africa. Then in July 2014, Carnegie Mellon in Rwanda (CMU-R) achieved another monumental feat with the celebration of its first graduation. Twenty-two brilliant students graduated in Africa with master’s degrees in Information Technology (MSIT). This achievement highlights the students’ determination, as well as the college’s and the Rwandan government’s commitment to graduate technically strong engineers who can address East Africa’s unique challenges. This is important because Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming one of the fastest growing economic regions of the world, and yet, Africa has only 35 scientists and engineers per million inhabitants. All of our CMU-R graduates are working in Africa for global corporations or leading innovative startup ventures.

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    WHO NEEDS ELECTRICITY WHEN YOU CAN USE …AN ONION? TEEN BEDROOM SELLS LUXURY HOUSE! Have you ever wondered how much electricity it takes to use an MP3 player like an iPod? Owen Louis, a student from Portsmouth was worried about the amount of electricity he was using, so he experimented with a new form of power – onion power! And it works. You make two holes in an onion, soak* it in an energy drink and put a USB cable into the onion. It will charge* your iPod for an hour! “The only problem is you have no control over how long it may work for ... and it can be smelly!” says Owen. The bed is unmade, clothes are screwed up* on the fl oor and there’s a half-eaten pizza under the bed. Looks familiar*? But this ‘typical’ teenage bedroom isn’t real. It was created by an interior decorator* for a house builder in England as a room in one of their showhomes in Norwich. “I’ve always found showhomes to be a bit bland* and unreal,”

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  • Rihanna

    Rihanna is a famous singer. She sells millions of songs and she wins lots of awards*. She has to work very hard – but she loves working! Rihanna has a really busy job. She travels around the world, she does concerts and she often makes music until late at night. She doesn’t often have a day off*. This is OK because Rihanna doesn’t like days off! Rihanna loves to work – she is a workaholic*. She says, “On a day off I wake up early and do things”. Why does Rihanna like to work without a break? “It’s because I have a lot of energy. Also because I love my career* – I love making music! My mom1 is also a workaholic.” next prime minister? – Meet four teens who think they could be!Do you think politicians listen to young people? These four teens have got fantastic ideas for young people in Britain. They’re on a new TV show called Election. The winner will go to Number 10, Downing Street and meet the British Prime Minister!

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